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 Welcome to the IZIP electric bikes UK website. IZIP is the most comprehensive line of electric bikes in the industry offering innovative, practical and fun products for all! Moore Large and Co Ltd is committed to high standards within all of our brands so please visit for more information and to find a local IZIP dealership.
You can find more information about the IZIP brand on the USA website:
We currently  supply the following fantastic models for the UK market...

Frame: Alloy

Fork: Zoom Suspension

Cranks: Alloy Crank Arms

Gears: Shimano 7 Speed Mega Range

Shifters: Revoshift

Rims: 26" Alloy

Tyres: 26" x 1.95 Chunky

Brakes Front and Rear V- Brakes

Brake Levers: Alloy

Handlebars: Semi Raised

Stem: Adjustable Rake

Saddle: Comfort

Seat Post: Micro Adjust Suspension

Extras Full plastic mudguards, Side kick stand, Alloy carrier

Currie side mount motor – chain driven

Battery – 24v 10A SLA, side mounted rack fitting, removable / locking, built in handle

                  Control unit – handlebar mounted, battery indicator, 3 setting torque adjuster

Retail: £599.95


Frame: Alloy

Fork: Suspension

Gears: Shimano 6 Speed

Shifters: Revoshift

Wheels: QR Front

Rims: 26" Double Alloy

Tyres: 26" x 1.75" Semi Slick

Brakes Front and Rear V- Brakes

Handlebars: Comfort Raised

Stem: Adjustable Rake

Saddle: Elastomer Shock Comfort

Extras Full plastic mudguards, Rear kick stand, 4 point carrier, Full P chainguard

Integrated rear hub motor, lock in battery

Battery – lightweight Lith Ion 24v, built in battery indicator, locking mechanism, carry handle

Control unit – handlebar mounted, battery indicator, 3 setting adjustable torque drive gauge

Retail: £799.95


Frame: Alloy

Fork: Zoom Suspension

Pedals: Folding

Gears: Shimano 6 Speed

Shifters: Twistgrip

Rims: 16" Alloy

Tyres: E Bike Pro 16"x1.7" Centre Rib

Brakes Front V Brake / Rear Drum Style Brake

Handlebars: Height Adjustable

Grips: SRAM

Extras Full Plastic Mudguards, Built in rear carrier

Rear Hub Motor

24v 12A SLA removable battery

Currie handlebar control unit with torque adjuster and battery gauge

Minimum height to floor 33”

Folder – L 32” H 24” D 21”

Retail: 699.95


Frame: Exclusive Currie Folding Design Aluminium Frame

Fork: Suspension, Fender Eyelets

Tyres: Currie CST E-Street 16" x 1.75", Slime Self-Sealing

Motor: Exclusive Geared Brushless DC Hub Motor

Battery: EV Rated SLA Type, Plug and Play Design, 24V / 12AH

Pack, (2) 12V / 12AH Valve Regulated, Rechargeable

Charge System: UL Listed Currie Smart Charge with LED

Status Display

Range: Up to 18 - 25 Miles / 29 - 40 km with Normal Pedaling

(Rider Weight Contingent)

Drive: Exclusive Currie Geared Hub Motor System
Retail: £1,099.95

Frame: Alloy

Fork: Rigid

Cranks: Alloy Arms with 48t Detachable Chain Ring

Pedals: Alloy Folding

Gears: Shimano Acera 7 Speed

Shifters: Twistgrip

Wheels: QR Front Wheel

Rims: 20" Alloy

Tyres: 20x1.50 Slick

Brakes Front and Rear Mechanical Disc

Stem: Height Adjustable

Grips: SRAM Comfort Dual Density

Saddle: Velo Elastomer

Seat Post: Alloy Micro

Extras Kickstand, mudguard rack mounts

Rear hub motor – brushless

Currig handlebar control unit with 3 setting torque adjuster and battery indicator

Removable Lith Ion battery housed in frame

Plug & play 24v 5ah BMS smart charger

Folded – L 32” H – 24” D – 20”

12 mile range



Frame: Cro-Mo

Fork: Rigid

Gears: 3 Speed Sturmey Archer

Shifters: Revoshift

Rims: 24" Alloy

Brakes Alloy Front / Rear V- Brakes andTwin Park Brakes

Brake Levers:

Handlebars: Hi Raise Cruiser

Grips: Comfort

Saddle: Wide saddle and adjustable back rest

Extras Full Mudguard, Large rear basket (L 18” W 22” H 11”)

Motor external currie drive 250w, chain drive

Battery – 36v 12A SLA – removable carry handle

Control unit – handlebar mounted, battery indicator, 3 torque setting

L 75” W 30” H 42”

Minimum saddle to floor height 31"

Retail: 899.95


The Currie Electro Drive conversion kit is designed to fit on bicycles that use a standard 7-speed freewheel which is quite common today. If the bike that you are planning on converting has something other then a 7-speed freewheel, the kit may still be fitted however we strongly recommend that the conversion be made by an qualified mechanic.

This Kit Includes:

Rear Wheel (Less Tyre/Tube/Freewheel), Brackets and Hardware

24V 10Ah Battery Pack (One)

Rear Rack (Controller Inside)


Battery Charger

MOTOR: 200W Rated Power from a DC Earth Magnet Motor

BATTERY: EV Rated SLA Type, Rear Rack Mounted, 24V/10Ah Pack, (Consisting of two 12V/10Ah Valve Regulated, Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteris in Series)

CHARGE SYSTEM: UL Listed Currie Smart Charger with LED Status Display

CONTROLLER: Exclusive Currie Electro-Drive 24 Volt Fully Potted with Power Guage Function

TOP SPEED: 15+ mph/24km (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)

RANGE: 10 - 15 or More Miles/16 - 24 km with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight, Rider Input (Pedaling) and Terrain Contingent). Easily Add an Optional Second Battery Pack to Double the Range

DRIVE: Patented Currie Electro-Drive System. Combine with the Drive Train System from your Standard Bike to get Hybrid Power

REAR WHEEL: Alloy 26" x 1.75" Rim: Suitable for Mounting 26 x 1.5" to 26 x 2.2125" Tyre, Inner Tube and Rim Strip from your Original Bike

Hub: will Accept 7-Speed Freewheel from your Original Bike

Hub Spacing 135 mm OLN (Standard 7-Speed)

USER CONTROLS: Power On/Off Switch on Back of Rack; Easily Access Charger Port in Removable Battery Pack (Can Charge On or Off the Bike), Twist Thumb Throttle with TAG (Twist and Go) Function & Battery Guage Indicator for Mounting and Handlebar

RIDER AGE & WEIGHT LIMIT: Young Adult (13+) to Adult / Do Not Exceed 240 lbs/ 109 kg

Colour: Silver/Black

Retail: £399.95

Moore Large and Co Ltd
telephone: 01332 274252